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The workshop will be offered online in the platform . Participants (by-invitation only) will receive their login information and will be invited to a pre-session to learn how to use the online tools. This 45-min session will take place on Monday 1st of November at 9:00 am CAT (10:00 am EAT).

A total of 4 sessions will be offered in the first 2 weeks of November 2021, with virtual sessions happening on Wednesdays and Thursday morning. In each 2.5-hours session, the facilitator will present the topic, discussions will take place in plenary and breakout sessions will take place to allow participants to apply the acquired knowledge in short participatory exercises. Participants will also be guided on how to develop their action plans. 

Action plans to rollout SSP in each country will be presented in plenary in a fifth session taking place a week later, on Wednesday 17th. This will allow participants to exchange and learn from each other.


For Central African time (CAT), sessions will start at 9:00am
For Eastern African Time (EAT), sessions will at 10:00am


The topics to be covered in each session are:

Day 0 (Monday 1st): Technical Session

  • Introduction to the training
  • Presentation of the platform (online tools)
  • Introduction to the action plans to rollout SSP in their countries

Day 1 (Wednesday 3rd): Communicating the value of Sanitation Safety Planning

  • Introduction to SSP
  • Similarities with Water Safety Planning
  • How to communicate about SSP to our target audiences

Day 2 (Thursday 4th): Supporting operators in the initiation of Sanitation Safety Planning

  • Assembling the SSP team
  • Establishment of priorities
  • Mapping of the system and validation of the system description

Day 3 (Wednesday 10th): Supporting operators in the definition of their Sanitation Safety Plans

  • Health risk analysis
  • Identification of control measures: how to integrate the Inclusive Urban Sanitation Service Provision Guidelines, developed by ESAWAS

Day 4 (Thursday 11th): Using Sanitation Safety Plans as a tool for regulating sanitation systems

  • Definition of a monitoring and verification plan of the control measures
  • Periodic reviews
  • Presentation of the virtual modules and tools on SSP
  • Recapitulation: Action plans for the launching of the PSS in the country

Day 5 (Wednesday 17th): Presentation of action plans